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GPS: 49°58'18.84"N, 14°23'53.16"E

Zbraslav, a place whose settlement beginnings go to commencement of 12th century, was in 1974, connected to Prague together with 29 other towns. Thus Prague got, „without effort“ another road bridge over Vltava in an administrative way. This bridge especially joins Zbraslav with district of Závist and railway station Prague – Zbraslav.

Originally, there was standing a ferrous bridge, called Zbraslavský. It had three bays in dimensions of 42 m, 62,6 m a 42 m. In remote views it was characterized with three arches, from which the middle one was the biggest. It was built in 1896 at the expense of 136 000 goldens. Toll was collected from carriages and pedestrians on this bridge as well. Booth of the appropriate clerk was standing on the side of Zbraslav and this practice ended in 1934.

In 1964 the old bridge was disassembled and it was replaced with a new reinforced concrete bridge. It has a single central arch with dimension of 75 m and three pillars on each side. It became the first arch bridge in the world, built with method of self-supporting welded structure. The bridge was constructed by company of Roads and Railway Constructions according to design by ing. J. Tvrzník. Length of the bridge is 200 m, width including pavements is 12,5 m. In 1978-1979 there was constructed an approach road out of the off-shore road, which is spanned by the bridge, on the left shore. Name of the bridge results from the fact that first users of the bridge were participants of at that time popular cycling Peace Race.

As some defects appeared in the bridge structure, in 1997 an overall reconstruction occurred. It was related especially to replacement of non-functioning underground expansions joints, which caused water intrusion into the bridge structure, realization of quality insulation, replacement of worn bearings, construction of new cornices, rails, etc. Cable leads were relocated and new public illumination was realized as well. Reconstruction was done by company Aries a.s. Praha. After more than half a year the traffic was renewed on the bridge on 31st October 1997.