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Lesser town - Prague 1

GPS: 50°4'54.84"N, 14°23'56.04"E

  Distinct dominant of Petřín is a lookout tower, which was constructed during the Country Jubilee Exhibition in 1891. It is 60 meters high and there are two round stairs running to the top, covered by close wire net. Each staircase is 85 cm wide, has 299 steps, which are 17 cm high. The visitors, who are less fit and want to view Prague from a bird’s eye view, may use lift. The lookout tower is a free replication of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but in a five-time reduction. Illuminated lookout tower can be seen from many Prague views.
   And illuminated carriages of the funicular, moving on their railway, are visible well in the evening, too. The funicular was constructed in 1891, too, as a transport link to the lookout tower. It was driven by so-called water overweight and its lower station was higher than it is now and the upper one was only a few meters behind Nebozízek. The funicular was not working for the whole twenties in the last century. It was electrified in 1931-1932 and the traffic was restored. At the same time the railway was prolonged. The lower station was situated in house U Knoflíčků no. 412 and the upper one was set up on the very top of Petřín. On 7th June 1965 huge fall of part of Petřín slope occurred and it destroyed body of the funicular. It had become a mere retrospection for long years. It was reconstructed and modernized during 1983-1985. The first ceremonious ride occurred on 15th June 1985.
   During fall in 1965 the building of Nebozízek was badly damaged as well and it was so serious that the building had to be demolished and its replication had to be made. The previous wine-yard homestead, which got its name after the way, which runs to it helically, had served as a tourist restaurant since 1883. And it has served for that till now. The funicular has its regular stop there when going upwards as well as downwards.