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Smichov - Prague 5

GPS: 50°3'51.12"N, 14°24'47.16"E

   The Emperor’s Meadow is on the Prague Islands. It only became an island at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when a bi-direction passable port for rafts and steamers was built there. Thus part of the territory was separated from the mainland, to which it has been connected by a road bridge, nowadays, or by a ferry. North part of the island is very popular for fishermen and many water sports clubs have their seats there. There is also a stadium with high finish tower, because water sports races have been organized on the river there.
   From various places in the island you may watch views of river Vltava in the east and the other bank in a wide panorama as well. You may see Embankment of Podolí, historic and recently-reconstructed Yellow Spa, Swimming Stadium below Kavčí Mountains, Rowing island, monumental building of Podolí water plant, ancient wooden building of the Czech Yacht Club and premises of Institute for Mothers and Children Care in Podolí.
   Of course, majestic Vyšehrad attracts the biggest attention. You can see part of baroque fortification and in the front view you can see the Vyšehrad Rock, which has been covered with a lot of myths. A road tunnel, which trams are riding through and walkers are going through, runs through the rock in a slight arc. Digging of the tunnel started on 26th May 1902 and it was handed over for public use on 11th December 1904. The tunnel is 34 m long and 9 m wide.
   Further in the north you may wee buildings in a cubist style on the Embankment of Rašín. In particular there is a three-house based on design by arch. Josef Chochol and then the Kovařovic’s villa no. 49, or rather its garden frontage with cubist fencing by the same architect.
   View in the north direction is closed with the railway bridge.