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Vysehrad - Prague 2

GPS: 50°3'55.08"N, 14°25'14.88"E

   Regarding its location Prague has many observation points, either created by nature or by human activity. You can look down in the Vltava valley from the hills which surround it or from the gallery of St Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle and we must not forget the lookout tower on the Petřín Hill. In the historical centre of the city there are also convenient observation points. They are formed by towers of some churches, town hall and water towers, as well as by the Powder Gate and high-rise buildings.
   The Vyšehrad Fortification is also a very convenient place for close and distant view of Prague. You can walk on a park way along nearly all its length so the viewer can see almost perfect round panorama of the city.
   There is also a convenient and calm place near the Summer Scene for a view in north-west direction. Particularly, in the evening illumination this is an extraordinary experience. Down there is running the course of Vltava, you can see several bridges, the Congress Centre, the Nusle Bridge, baroque fortification of Karlov, Vinohrady, Vršovice, put mainly the Prague New Town with its church towers, Petřín, Strahov, the Lesser Town and the Prague Castle surmounts all that as the height of the beauty.
   This side of the Vyšehrad Fortification is also convenient for observation of fireworks, which is sometimes let off on various festive occasions.