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Vysehrad - Prague 2

GPS: 50°3'46.08"N, 14°25'0.83999999999992"E

   For a view from the Prague centre upward the river of Vltava in a south direction, the huge baroque Vyšehrad fortification is the most convenient place, particularly its protuberance above the Vyšehrad Rock, above the point where a fragment, so-called Libuše’s Spa, is located, where the mythological princess had her bath according to the myth. Actually, it is most probably ruin of ward, lookout point, where a warden watched that an enemy did not approach on the river.
   Deeply below there is Podolí Embankment with its motor and tram traffic, as well as the single buildings of Institute for Mother and Children Care. The river Vltava flows in a wide curve, there is port Podolí with anchored houseboats, boats of various capacities and yachts. Some of these vessels have even tried to sail in a sea. Above the port there is a historic, storied, wooden clubroom of the Czech Yacht Club. Along the river there are also two of the Prague islands, Emperor’s Meadow (Císařská louka) and Rowing Island (Veslařský ostrov). The audience can see part of Smíchov on the right as well as Maiden Castles (Dívčí hrady) with tall tubes of modern balancing water tower and church of St Phillip and Jacob on Zlíchov Rock.
   In a direct view to south you can see the former settlement Podolí, which was connected to Prague by an Act dated on 6th February 1920, which became effective on 1st January 1922. Nowadays, Podolí is quarter of Municipal District Prague 4. In territory of Podolí there is also standing a building, important for whole Prague, Podolská water plant, which is well visible from the Vyšehrad fortification. Further on the south you can see Kavčí hory, where there are buildings of Czech Television.
   A bit on the left on the Pankrác platform, there are several high-rise buildings which will be probably supplemented with some others very soon.