The double-aisle gothic building of this church is located between the streets of Vojtěšská , Sítkovská and Pštrossova in Prague’s New Town. Its north, left side was probably originated at the beginning of 14th century. The south main side was built up shortly after the foundation New Town. Also this Prague church building went through a major baroque reconstruction, which was carried out in 1671-1693. After that the church was again consecrated by Bishop Jan Dlouhoveský. From 1874 till 1875 the church presbytery was adjusted to gothic style whilst other works were carried out.

The church of St Vojtěch together with the rectory building and the belfry make an interesting complex of historical properties. The surrounding housing left sufficient area around the buildings. The memory of the Vojtěšská district, which was part of Prague New Town, remained this way with dignity.

The double-floor belfry, of 34m, is located on the site of a former cemetery, which surrounded the belfry and church. The cemetery was discontinued on 1st June 1786 because of a regulation that prohibited burials beside Prague parish churches. The cemetery wall was demolished as late as 1877 and then the site was planted with trees.

The belfry building was completed in 1539 as the memorial tablet mentions. Since then it has been reconstructed several times as the larger baroque windows on the second floor demonstrates. The new roof – octahedral bulbous dome with lantern, finial and cross on its top - was installed in 1709. Its also worth mentioning the Sanctus turret on the roof ridge of this church.

The belfry has two bells – Vojtěch from 1540 and Ludmila from 1545. In the lantern there is one more bell from 1611 and two cimbalos, both were made by Antonín Schӧnfeldt in the Old Town of Prague in 1706.