The church of the Jan Hus Congregation is located at No. 523/5 Wuchterlova Street in Dejvice. The facia of this church and the tower, which is slightly extended, astonishes us with their monumentality. And as it is traditional for the Church of the Czechoslovak Hussites the building has lecture rooms, columbarium with about 600 cinerary urns and also a residential area. The building was constructed according to the designs of Arch Jiří Stibrala in 1925-1926. The construction works were led by Alois Zima.

The sanctuary combines several architectural styles. The pillars in the interior are decorated with Corinthian heads, the windows have Roman curls and the aisle vault reminds us of the vault of Vladislavský Hall in the Prague Castle. At the head of the church beside the communion-table there are pillars with lamps designed to look like palm trees. That is to remind us of the tree of life. The tall cross with the crucified Jesus, made by sculptor Vilím Amort, is placed behind the communion-table. There we also find the big bust of Jan Hus created by Ladislv Saloun. The busts of the first two patriarchs of the Church of the Czechoslovak Hussites, Karel Farský and Adolf Procházka, are situated in front of the pews on the sides of communion-table. Cinerary urns with the ashes are then placed in the wall beneath. As it is written on the tablet on the building facia, Karel Farský died here on 12th June 1927.

The tower is easily accessible. A comfortable staircase leads up to the 6th floor but we can also use a lift. Here is the door to the attic with a large system of trusses. Walking higher up, we can get to the tower belfry with one unused bell. The tower is open here with dual pseudo-Roman windows. We can walk onto the balcony and enjoy the wonderful distant views. The roof is simple, pyramidal and a sun symbol is placed on its spike. The tower facia is also adorned with the Hussite symbol – a big goblet. The tower clock is right under the goblet.