The Old Town Hall is one of the most significant architectural landmarks. For that and for its historical significance the Hall was rightly declared a cultural monument in 1962.

The Old Town Hall was founded by a privilege of King Jan Lucemburský issued on 18th September 1338 in Amiens. The King fulfilled old wishes of townsfolk and by this privilege arouse the degree of municipal government. The Hall as we know it today was founded by merging successively purchased or as a gift received common houses, which were many times reconstructed throughout the centuries.

Also the Hall tower was build gradually. A chapel was established on the first floor of the tower in the mid 14th century and after its expansion the chapel was consecrated by Bishop Hynek Vladimiřský.

The extension for astronomical clock was built between the two supporting south pillars. One of the miracles of the medieval engineering was constructed by royal clock maker Mikuláš from Kadaň in 1410. The clock was constructed by calculations of Prague University Master and astronomer J. Šindel. Even though the clock had many repairs the original system was preserved until today. Crowds of tourists are admiring specially the mechanical parts of the astronomical clock always at the day hours but its astronomical part is much more significant.

The Hall together with its tower was damaged during the Prague Rising in May 1945. The historical clock also burned out, however repairs followed very shortly.

The towers height is 59 m. On its top the tower is diverting from its vertical by 23 cm to the south and 15 cm to the west. Thanks to the tower’s anti-barrier approach everybody can access the sight-seeing gallery of the tower today. During the reconstruction of the tower’s interior, which was completed in 1999, a delicate metal construction for the glassed-in lift was installed.