The brick-yard was built on a desert land near Vltava by Leonard Herget in 1780. The long production building with a typical kerb roof and a wooden spire comes from that period. Residential buildings, whose appearances come from classicist reconstruction, which had been realized in 1796 by arch. Josef Zobel, were parts of the brick-yard.
   Quite recently the buildings of the former Herget’s Brick-Yard were the most discussed places of historic Prague, hard criticised by Prague monument-lovers, visitors of the city and the press due to bad condition or even a state of disrepair. On 7th June 1995 even fire burst out there.
   At the present, everything has changed. The whole premises were reconstructed, with instructions of workers of monuments preservation. The former Herget’s Brick-Yard has become a cultural and social centre with wide range of refreshments. Among the cultural activities let’s point out at least the Museum of Franz Kafka, Prague Jewel Cabinet and the Coffee Museum. From Cihelná Street it is possible to enter the large paved yard through big double-wing gate. Centre of the yard is dominated with a modern sculpture by artist David Černý. Evening atmosphere of historical Prague is emphasized by traditional street lighting lamps and benches are placed there as well.