Perhaps, each of the tourists crossing the Charles Bridge, stops at the most popular local sculptural group, St Felix of Valois, Jan of Matha and Ivan, a piece by baroque sculptor Jan Brokof from 1714. The first two mentioned were founders of Trinitarian Order, which was accepted by pope Inocenc III in 1198. Members of the order mainly dealt with gathering financial means to ransom the Christians from the unbelieving captivity. Thus they solved a problem, which troubled the Christian Europe then. The whole conception of the piece of art corresponds to that. The captives are praying for their rescue in a prison, which is guarded by a Turk.
   Next to the memorial towards south there is a beautiful view of the Devil’s Stream and of the big mill wheel. You may intensify the experience after descending down to the area of Kampa. Closely around the wheel there is running a bridge towards the Grand Priory Square and from there it is possible to observe its action in a close proximity. Currently, only a replication is rotating there, which is very fine. It has diameter of 7, 4 m and it was assembled by Lord František Mikyška of Sedlčany region in the beginning of the nineties according to available designs, this was made of south-Moravian oak. First it started to rotate on 8th December 1992 and thus the old-Prague lovers got it nearly as a Christmas present. The huge wheel must still rotate so that its paddles would not start leaking. However, it has been just a tourist attraction as the adjacent building of the previous Grand Priory Mill no. 489 has been used for other purpose.
   One of numerous Prague stories is being told about the previous mill. At the time, when flour had not been milled there any more, nobody wanted to stay there as it was known that the building was haunted. A young, strong builder’s journeyman took a room there as he had not other possibility. And he was really haunted by bigger and bigger devils for three following nights. The young man was not afraid of them, caught them one after another, tied them to the wheel paddles, started the wheel and washed their furs in front of the wondering Lesser-Town neighbours. Since then the previous mill has not been haunted any more.