The island has changed several owners and names. Finally, the name Střelecký (Shooting) Island was established. In the southern part there was a shooting range, which was used by members of nobility and burghers and later on rich traders as well. The ruler and higher officers favoured such amusement, as members of the Prague Shooting-Island association, dressed in their fine uniforms, were adornments for various occasions, welcoming delegations or during ceremonious fire of mortars. Furthermore, they could serve at Prague ramparts in case of enemy menace.
   In 1812 a freely standing single-span building no. 336 was constructed in the Střelecký Island pursuant to design by court builder Josef Zobel. Another marked intervention in social life on the island was construction of the present Legion Bridge, which replaced the older chain bridge. The new bridge, 343 m long and 16 m wide, was ceremoniously handed over for use on 14th June 1901. Wide ceremonial stairs lead from the bridge deck towards the island, nowadays.
   Present use of the Střelecký Island could be divided into two parts. In the southern one, there pulses rich social, cultural and sports life. There is also possibility of refreshment. The northern calm part is suitable for walks and gathering under grown trees. From the tip there is a beautiful view of historic Prague, which can be intensified by the evening illumination. Wide panorama gives the view not only of the river, but also of the National Theatre, Smetana Embankment, Foot-Bridge of Novotný with majestic Old-Town water tower and the Charles Bridge. Further on the north there can be seen green mass of Letná and the slope of Petřín Hill on the west. Sovaš Mills and Kampa are within reach. The Lesser Town, which is mainly in a baroque style, draws attention to itself thanks to its church towers and it forms a worthy base for the seat of Czech kings and presidents, the Prague Castle.