One of the places, that a hundred-spired town over the Vltava could be proud of, is recently restored a scenic square simply called Na Kampě/On Kampa. Its east and west sides are bordered with historical dwelling houses.
     The prague walker gets to its center from the Charles bridge over a reconstructed new-gothic stairs. The stairs were built in 1844 and designed after the architect Josef Ondřej Kranner.  In past the rhine on Kampa was famous for its pottery markets, which used to be attended in large numbers of customers also from a diffferent parts of Prague. There was a wide range of pottery products and ceramics available: bright plates, mugs, stoneware sets for tea or liqueur, smaller and bigger vases, small vases on walls and also a grotesque figures of animals probably from all continents. The pottery markets on Kampa ended during the world war II. In recent years this tradition came back to life here.
     In 1996 based on dendrology research it was decided about cutting down the old alley, which consists of locusts and lindens trees. Above all their roots conditions were very bad. One of the trees even fell during the wind and considerably damage a parked car. Cutting trees down took place by the end of the winter months the same year. In May there were the new trees planted. Also the asphalt, which was mostly of the form of patch has been removed from the square and the whole area was repaved. Now there is a sidewalk all around the square and the traffic lane is defined only by decent line of larger paving cubes. An automobile traffic including possible car parking was minimized. And so this place became quiet zone.
     In maximum possible rate the noble material was used, a cast iron, which was formerly so traditional in prague´s streets and squares. There are the lamp posts of street lighting, benches, roots bars by the trees and also trash bins from the cast iron here.