One of the imposing houses of Holešovice at Farského Street (house No. 1386/3) belongs to the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, which was established on 11th January 1920 in the Old Town church of S. Nicholas. Credit for establishing the Church can be given to many different people but utmost credit should be given to Bishop Dr. Karel Farský (1880-1927), who was the first patriarch of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. The Church plays a significant part in Czech religious life and has its roots in the intellectual movement called Modernism.

The new Church increased its number of worshipers fast and the existing provisional premises gradually ceased to be sufficient. There was a need to build other sanctuaries in different parts of Prague. The Jan Hus Congregation in Holešovice was constructed in 1935-1937 with a design by Architect František Kubelka. As was common, the building was multi-functional. The ground floor of this apartment house was used as a chapel encrusted with black and green marble. Even a columbarium was not missing here. Today it ranks amongst the biggest columbarium in Europe. The house facia is adorned with a Byzantine cross.Let us also mention as a matter of interest, that one of the house’s apartments was once occupied by poet and playwright František Hrubín (1910-1971).

Dominating part of this property and their surroundings is a Modernistic Tower which is 35m tall. Only the concrete goblet on the top of the tower is gold-plated today. Sun light exposure gives the goblet a very imposing effect. The goblet is only accessible by wall-mounted metal steps from the upper part of tower.