The church of St. Cryl and St. Methodius is situated in the middle of Karlínské Square, which has been gradually changed into a park. It is a triple-aisle basilica of neo-Romanesque style with a much higher main aisle and with two towers beside the right and left side of the chancel. The church is 75m in length, 31m in width and 27.5m in height. The height of the towers is equal to the building length. Even though the church stands on the very bottom of the Prague basin and is overshadowed by Vítkov Hill from the south, it is still visible from many directions thanks to its tall towers.

The construction site was consecrated by the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Bedřich Josef Schwarzenberg on 9th March 1854. The ceremony for laying the foundation stone was carried out on 10th June of the same year by the same dignitary. The project plan was prepared by Arch. Karel Rösner from Vienna and adjusted by Arch. Ignác Ullmann from Prague. Ignác Ulmann then directed the building construction, which was carried out by the builder Jan Bělský and the stone master Karel Svoboda. The church was completed and consecrated on Sunday, 18th October 1863.

The two steeples of this church are identical and they are accessible from the chancel area. The towers feature a spiral staircase with 68 steps, which is followed by another staircase of 87 steps by the towers walls. The staircases are safe with unified railing and electrical lights. The frame of the tower clocks shows a sign of the 1858 era. The towers are divided into three parts by cornices from the outside. In their upper parts we can see the clock faces and even higher the tall windows with sun-blinds. The roof is of pyramidal octahedral shape with the finial and the cross on its top spire.