The neo-Gothic church of St. Prokop with its three aisles is situated at Sladkovského Square and it is a decent sanctuary of the local Catholics. The foundation stone was ceremoniously laid on 30th October 1898 on the occasion of the 50’s anniversary of the reign of Francis Joseph II. The church was designed by Josef Mocker and František Mikš and its construction was successfully completed thanks to financial donations. The consecration of the sanctuary was carried out in 1903.

Attention was obviously given to the interior works of art. The dominating feature of the interior is the main altar, which was designed by František Mikš. The church is accessible via two staircases, on the west and on the north side. The north entrance has a portal especially rich with a relief decoration. The relief represents the Madonna with the Infant Jesus in the middle and a kneeling St. Prokop on her right side. The figure painted on her left side represents the architect Josef mocker holding the church model.

The tower of this church is 72m in height. Its elevated basement has a molded portal above the entrance door. The top of the prismatic tower is reachable by an outside circular stairway on the north side of the tower. The tower consists of four floors. The second floor has five shallow blind windows on its west side forefront, the last floor features dual tall windows with sun-blinds on all four sides. Higher up above the cornice and between the couple of small corner neo-gothic steeples we can see the tower clock. The tower’s roof has the shape of octahedral steeple crowned with spire, finial and cross.