The neo-gothic church of St. Ludmila is situated at Náměstí Míru (Square) in Vinohrady. The project plan of this church was prepared by the architect Josef Mocker, who was also one of the architects participating in the completion of St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle.

The foundation stone was ceremoniously laid on 25th November 1888. Huge credit for the church construction goes to the association formed to support the new church construction. This association had almost 1000 members during the construction period, who were financing the building as well as collecting the contributions from different institutions and individuals. Everything was properly documented in the year-end reports of the association.

The church of St. Ludmila is a three-aisle basilica. The transept of the church has the shape of the cross. The front of the church features two towers of 60.5m in height and the tall gable with portal above the main entrance door. The portal is endorsed with the sculpture made by Josef Václav Myslbek. In front of the portal there is a wide single flight of stairs.

The towers are constructed on the square ground plan and have five storeys of unequal height. The tall windows with sun-blinds are situated below the tower gables, which also feature the tower clocks. The towers are finished with octahedral steeples. Their construction was completed on 11th July 1892. The slim tall Sanctus steeple rises from the roof above the church aisle.

The church of St. Ludmila was ceremoniously consecrated on 8th October 1893. The main man was the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal František de Paula Schönborn. Many of the profane and the spiritual celebrities were present.