Water tower in Vinohrady, located at Korunní Street No. 725, is a significant dominant feature and great example that even industrial architecture can soothe the eye. That time independent Royal Town of Vinohrady initiated the tower construction in neo-renaissance style by the design of architect Antonín Turek. The tower became part of the local water-supply centre. At the beginning it was supplying Vinohrady area with water pumped from Vltava River and after 1912 with water from large water-station in Kárané. The highest – 7th floor contained an iron-plate cylindrical reservoir with capacity of 200m3. The engine room, located under the tower socle, expelled the water up to the reservoir. In the different time intervals the water was being delivered to the districts such as Žižkov, Strašnice, Vršovice, part of Nusle district and to the area of Pankrác.

The water-tower of Vinohrady is square in its floor plan, it has 40 m of height and together seven floors. The last floor is covered by terrace, which in past was used as an observatory. Entry to this observatory was cheap, even family tickets for 5 persons were sold here. The observatory attendant use to lend to interested persons binoculars that enabled them to see even Krkonoše Mountains in case of fair weather. There are corner pylons on the top of the tower and even the emblem of Royal Vinohrady Town is not missing here. The tower-clocks with roman numerals are placed between the last floor windows on all four sides of the tower. They are operated by electrical Hainz’s mechanism, which was renovated during the complete façade restoration in 1993. Sculptures of angels blowing their trumpets are adorning the corners of the top floor.

Vinohradská water-tower, as it is called today, is divided by cornices into the three levels. It does not serve its original purpose any more. Its original interior equipment was dismantled and end the interior was converted to accommodation and office space.