The Prague-City television transmitter has a certain undeniable supremacy. Amongst all Prague towers it is the tallest. This tower is visible from all directions. The decision to build such a tower had to be taken due to city growth and the significant increase in disturbances to the TV signal reception. The TV transmitter “Cukrák” and TV broadcasting from Petřín became insufficient.

There were several locations selected for the tower construction however after careful consideration of all aspects the location at Mahlerovy sady in Žižkov was chosen. The tower project plan was formed in 1984 and the construction was carried out between 1985 and 1992. The transmitter was put into operation right after the construction was completed. During the concept and construction of the tower strong opposition from the general public was felt, although as can be seen, it didn’t change the outcome.

Out of many proposals the project was finally given to Ing. Arch. Václav Aulický. Ing. Alex Bém and Dr. Ing. Jiří Kozák, The three body tubes mutually connected had been chosen for the tower construction. Their inner parts are formed of concrete plates, which are 25 cm thick. The tallest tube has a diameter of 6,4 m and a height of 216 including the laminated extension. Two other body tubes are 4,8 m in diameter and their height is 134 m.

One of the most interesting features of the tower is a restaurant, which was constructed at 63 m above the ground. The viewing terrace was constructed at a height of 34 m. There are also necessary service rooms at a height of 105 m, two passenger lifts and a cable shaft in the main body tube. The service lift and emergency staircase are located in the two smaller tubes. The top of the tower was created using a laminated extension (23 m), which covers the broadcasting antenna systems. The very top of the tower is formed using a 2m long cylinder with a lid. The cylinder also houses the lightning conductor, the aircraft warning light and the oscillation dampener. The service building with its broadcast room is located at the base of the tower.