Early baroque church of St. Pankrac is one of the eldest cultural monuments of the Prague 4 urban neighbourhood. The church is located beside the street Na Pankraci in a little park area - farmer cemetery disestablished in 1866.

The church hides in its core a Romance rotunda from the 12th century and stands on the foundation of gothic church demolished by Swedish at the end of 30 years war, in 1648. Even during different war events this church suffered simply because it was nearby a military stronghold – Vysehrad. The church was build into today’s appearance, which is baroque single-aisle building with independently standing also baroque belfry, by Jesuits at the end of the 17th century.The belfry is a four-sided tower building, with a cartouche, with unreadable lettering, incased in its northern wall. The double-floor building with semicular windows is tipped by a helmet roof with lantern and finial.

In connection with building works carried on the underground line C, the foundations of belfry had to be strengthen. The metro line C runs exactly 15 m under the church and its belfry. The belfry is 19,4 m high.

Very special and one of the eldest bells in CR hangs in the belfry since 1700. This bell was shaped by a prominent bell master Bartolomej Prazsky. The bells jacket is decorated by relevant lettering and by relief capturing St. Jacob Mensi holding a book in his left hand. The late-gothic bell, diameter - 120 cm, high - 86 cm and weight - 350 kg, had to be taken to parts and its hinge join had to be repaired. Form the last reinstallation the bell and its ringing is controlled by computer.