The church was originally part of the one-time council-school at No. 333/4 and No. 6 Svatoslavova St. and built in 1901. The forefront of this church, which was used in the early days as the school chapel, turns to Vladimírova Street.

The foundation of Nusle parish is dated as 25th February 1903. Before that the citizens of Nusle belonged to the parish of Michle. The church of St. Wenceslas therefore became the parish church and has stayed this way until today. It is unfortunate to note that the legendary vicar, camerlengo, archdeacon, monsignor Alois Tylínek (1884-1965) had been functioning here for many years. During the Nazi occupation this vicar was imprisoned in Terezín and later also in the concentration camp of Dachau.

Pseudo-baroque smaller building of the church of St. Wenceslas has an outstanding steeple. Its roof is tall and slim in the shape of octahedral spire with the finial on the top. The middle part of the forefront is emphasized by pilasters, which run the entire height of the building. The entrance door with a rectangular window above is situated between these pilasters. Both forefront corners are adorned with bossage. The steeple, which is actually the forefront extension, has a square ground plan. The windows are of a rectangular shape with semicircle endings and sun-blinds. The top of the steeple is set with low triangular tympanums on all four sides and with pilasters on all corners. The top part of the steeple is accessible from the choir loft by ladder.

The steeple used to house two bells in the past. Unfortunately on 24th March 1942 they were confiscated for obvious reasons. It was only in 1997, that the parish decided to honour the day of St. Wenceslas by consecrating and hanging a new bell of 350 kg. This bell was moulded in Pasov in Germany. The Apostolus of the Czech Republic Giovanni Coppa took part in the bell’s consecration and the following ceremonial mass.