One of the ancient Old Town squares is the Coal Market, which got its name after the house, which had been standing in the middle of the market from away back to the beginning of 19th century and in which there were a blacksmith’s shop and miner’s house, where the charcoal was sold since 14th century.

In the place of the former house a fountain has been standing since 1951, which had been established by rich Prague burgher Jakub Wimmer (1754-1822) in 1797. However, this is its fourth location. Sculpture in the middle of the squared sandstone pool, is work by Prague sculptor František Xaver Lederer. Sculptural group of a boy, handing over a grape to a sitting girl, represents allegory of fruit farming and wine growing. Central column of the fountain, through which water runs, represents the palm trunk winded with wine grape. It is ended with a swan with raised head which spouts water. It falls to the fountain over the upper plate.

On the corner house no. 420 at the corner of the Coal Market and Skořepka, which was built after fire in 1689 and re-built in classicist style in the end of 18th century, there is a memorial tablet saying that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived there in 1787.

The southern side of the coal Market is closed with series of burgher houses with arcades. There is also situated one of Prague historical restaurants, U Dvou koček. In the end of the arcade it is possible to go the court-yard of Platýz, or even to the Národní Avenue.

Part of the western boundary is formed by a new neo-renaissance school building no. 425. It was successively built during 1882-1899 according to designs by architects and builders Josef Srdínek, Alois Elhenický and Ludvík Čížek.