The little square, situated west of the Old Town Square, really deserves its name. In the past it had changed several names related to the goods which had been sold there. In 17th century it started to be called Little Market-Place, later on it was transferred to modern Czech – Little Square, which has been valid till now.

Around the square there are standing ancient houses; some of them have even Romanesque past, which is now hidden under the level of the square. Especially Rychtrův House no. 459 on the southern side is worth seeing. It has a Romanesque core and it was re-built in gothic and renaissance styles. Its present breadth occurred by joining older buildings in 1714-1716 and by rococo modification in the third quarter of 18th century. The present main facade has been completed with classicist portico. It is possible to go through the passage in the house into Michalská Street.

House U Tří bílých růží no. 142, where the famous Rott’s hardware store used to be, which was sought-after by craftsmen and handymen of many generations, is very interesting for its facade. It is covered with paintings of crafts and agriculture by Láďa Novák and Arnošt Hofbauer, according to cartons by Mikoláš Aleš. The aforementioned painter then wrote of his own will the following into the ribbon in the picture of carpenter: „What had been created by Aleš – a perfect master, here is painted by Hofbauer and Novák“.

In the middle of the Little Square there is standing a fountain with iron forged renaissance grate, completed in the upper part in the half of 17th century and reconstructed into the present shape during 1877-1878 by lock-smith Jindřich Duffé. Next repairs of the fountain were realized in 1978.