Klárov spreads by the Lesser Town front zone of the Mánes Bridge. The square got its official title only after creation of the City of Prague in 1922. It was named in the honour of university professor Alois Klar (1763-1833), great philanthropist and founder of the Klar’s Institute of the Blind. Its building no. 131 is standing on the north. Design of the two-storied late Empire building was processed by arch. Vincenc Kulhánek. Tower, placed above the central bay is square-built, with tower-clock and a bell. On the tympanum of the central face there is a relief by sculptor Josef Max. It shows a biblical scene, where Tobias embrocates his father’s eyes with miraculous ointment of fish liver, which was prepared by archangel Rafael, and thus he returns his sight. The building, which is used for different purpose now, was built in 1836-1844.

Station of underground of route A – The Lesser Town Station belongs among the nicest. Its author is ing. arch. Zdeněk Drobný. In the atrium there is used a water phenomenon and there are placed copies of the baroque sculptures by Matyáš Bernard Braun. Also there is an entry to the previous hippodrome of Valdštejn Palace, currently used as a gallery, prestigious exhibitions take place there.

House U Zlaté lodi no. 118 with interesting house sign dominates the corner of the Letenská Street and U Lužického semináře Street. The building, initially renaissance, was rebuilt in baroque as well as classicist style. In the past there used to be a prosperous inn.

In the area of the square there are two memorials as well. The first one is simple and it reminds unnecessary death of ČVUT student, Marie Charousková, who was unreasonably blasted with burst of automatic rifle there during the occupation by Warsaw Pact armies in August 1968.

Recently, there was ceremoniously unveiled a Memorial to Second resistance in the southern part of the park. Sculptural work has been made by professor Vladimír Preclík, architectural work by ing. arch. Ivan Ruller, Martin Kareš and Robert Rais. Foundation stone for the memorial was laid on 4th May 2005.