The Square of Dražický, which takes quite small area, is a little bit off the tourists’ interests. Since 17th century the area of the square had been called Uhelniště (Coal Store), as there was a market with very much needed material, wood coal. In 1887 the official name of the Square of Dražický appeared. It happened in the honour of a substantial Church person, bishop Jan of Dražice (1301-1343), in whose time a large bishop court was rebuilt, which was touching this place. The bishop court, actually it was an archbishop court in that time, was ruined during the Hussite revolution. Only a tower on the courtyard of house U Tří zlatých zvonků in Mostecká Street has survived until now.

In the centre of the Square of Dražický, there is standing a street lamp-post, which is an essential technical and artistic monument. It is work of sculptor Eduard Veselý and arch. Aleš Linsbauer from 1867. It was made in Komárovské železárny.

Building which might attract notice most is the house U Tří pštrosů no. 76, a renaissance construction that occurred in two stages during 16th century, rebuilt and completed after 1650. Other modifications are classicist and modern. Huge reconstruction proceeded in 1972-1976. Rests of the painted facade by Daniela Alexius of Květné come from the beginning of 17th century. Three ostriches, which are portrayed there, are not standard house sign, but rather an advertising sign, as job of the owner, Jan Fux, was a feather-maker so he made decorations of feather of exotic birds.

There also exists a tale on the reason why the ostriches had got on the facade. Wife of Jan Fux was a prodigal woman. When she had enough jewellery and luxurious clothes, she expressed her wish to have an ostrich at home. Then she wanted second one and soon after a third one. That made her husband angry and he swore at her so that she would become the third ostrich. And in the morning the wife really could not be found, but there were three ostriches walking in the house. The event got to the picture in facade and actually one of the ostriches there is female.