The Prague town district of Troja is well known especially for its Baroque castle, which was founded together with its beautiful garden by Václav Vojtěch – Earl of Štenberk in 17th century, and also for its famous ZOO and botanical gardens. However the highest dominating point of this part of Prague, visible from many directions, is the small religious architecture of the Baroque Chapel of St. Klára.

An historical vineyard under the chapel is a land mark also consecrated to St. Klára. Specially recently this vineyard has been cultivated and thoroughly trimmed and bears fruit in autumn every year. At this time of year a traditional Troja vintage is held here including fortified wine tasting.

The Baroque Chapel of St. Klára has a rectangular ground plan and a flat ceiling with a small spire. The chapel was built by Václav Vojtěch – Earl of Štenberk and because one of his co-workers was the famous architect Jean Baptiste Mathey, we might assume it could be his work. We could also speculate on the reason for its consecration. The wife of the Earl of Štenberk was Klíra Bernardina, bachelor women from Malzan. That is why the chapel was consecrated to St. Klára from Assisi, votary from 13th century, who kept correspondence with St. Agnes of Bohemia.

The Sanctus belfry rises from the chapel’s roof and is covered with a pyramidal tetrahedral roof, which is crowned with finial and cross. The story went that the befry and the chapel were haunted during the night. The bell in the spire used to ring every night around midnight. But none of those bold fellows, whose had been observing the chapel from a respectful distance, saw anything. Everything was explained after some time.

A little monkey form the ZOO found a hole in the fence and on its nightly trips out of the ZOO had been swinging on the bell rope.