The decision to build a new church in Střešovice, beside today’s Sibelova Street, was made at the end of the 19th century. The church construction was initiated by the abbot of the Premonstrat’s monastery Zikmund Starý. The church was consecrated to St. Norbert as this Saint was a founder of the Premostrats’ Order. The church was designed in neo-Romanesque style by František Rožánek. The foundation stone was laid in 1890 and the church was then consecrated on 12th July 1891.

The church building is 44m in length, 13m in width and 15m in height and its ground plan forms the shape of a cross. The tower of the church is situated at its front face. The building also has two chapels at its sides. The inside of the church features one main and two lateral altars.

The prismatic tower is adorned with curved moulding and with piedroits, triangle gables and with an octahedral helmet roof crowned with spire and finial. The smaller windows below the gables are three-folded joined windows of the neo-Romanesque period. The tower is accessible by the stone stairs, which leads up to the organ-loft. From here we can walk the wooden stairs up to the tower top. The two original bells that used to be hanging here were confiscated during the First World War. The two following bells were confiscated as well but during the Second World War. Recently the tower houses the bell from 1611 transferred here from the church of St. George in Jevany-Aldašín and the bell called Felix made in Pasov. The church of St. Norbert also features a classic Sanctus steeple with a bell from 1891.