The original reinforced-concrete bridge, which was constructed at the same time as the bridge of Libeň, had been projected by ing. František Mencl, prof. Václav Dašek and arch. Josef Chochol. It was 221 m long and 16 m wide. In linear axis of the structure there was left a gap, in which the utility lines were laid. Tram rails were laid too, but they were not linked with any line. Regular tram traffic started no sooner than on 17th January 1936. The bridge, called Trojan, was opened on 29th October 1928, as well as the bridge of Libeň. Thus Prague got two important traffic constructions on that day.

The bridge was a big gain for dynamic development of Prague at that time. Especially for Holešovice and neighbourhoods lying on the north edge of Prague. Since 1946 it has had a name of Barricaders, in memory of brave defenders of a barricade, which stood there in the May rising in 1945.

When solving the essential issue of Prague traffic in the 70’s and 80’s it was decided that the Bridge of Barricaders would become a part of so-called north-south trunk road with linking to future highway routes. Naturally, the existing bridge could not satisfy such increased traffic demands with its transit profile. So it was decide on its disassembly and new construction.

Authors of design for the new bridge were ing. Karel Dobrovolský and arch. Jiří Trnka. Lower parts of river pillars were kept to the water level and reinforced-concrete pillars, sailed over on both sides, were built on them. They carried steel structure of four box beams fixed with reinforced-concrete board of bridge deck. Thus the width of bridge of 33,5 m with six lanes was reached. Tram traffic was excluded out of the new bridge. The construction was ceremoniously handed over in use on 28th November 1980.

Provisory steel bridge structure served for car traffic during repair work. Its bridge deck was lined with wooden scantlings. They were making big noise even at instructed reduced speed of vehicles. Prague inhabitants therefore suitably called the provisory bridge Rámusák.