In the past there used to be a ferry operating in the place of the present footbridge. In 1976 a footbridge was constructed there, but it did not stand fight with flooded Vltava twice in sequence. Definitive end of its existence was made by flood in July 1981. Then it was decided to build a new, more resistant footbridge. It was constructed in a non-standard technology, in which the bridge deck consisted of panel segments slid on strong wire lines like beads. This structure was hung on artificial abutments on both shores. In the final construction phase a mix of silica sand and resin, i.e. plastic concrete was laid on the bridge deck. Placement of pillars and anchor blocks of the footbridge was realized by the branch of Special construction setting of the technical company Water Constructions of Prague, the construction itself was realized by Transport Infrastructure Construction of Olomouc. Project designer was ing. Jiří Stráský and his design was preferred among ten other designs. Ceremonious opening of this Vltava bridging was held on 7th July 1984.

Hanging Troja footbridge is 256 m long, 3,8 wide and its variable gradient is up to 10 degrees. It is solely determined for pedestrian traffic, however structural analysis enables transit of ambulance and fire brigade vehicles in case of emergency. During load 36 trucks in total with gross weight of almost 200 tons drove there.

In 1998-1999 the footbridge underwent big repair. Upper walking layer got surface of special renovation concrete material. Disruptions in the bridge pillars and lower cornices were repaired and at the same time there were built new accessions to the bridge and a pavement were built, which was constructed of interpavers.

Troja footbridge, which survived a disastrous flood in August 2002 without big harms, is slim, elegant and beautiful. It surely deserves all these purely female marks. It connects Troja Island with District of Troja, so it is useful.