Need of this bridge showed as necessary in time, when the tram traffic was excluded out of the Bridge of Barricaders. The reason why this happened was that that bridge was integrated in the system of north-south trunk road.

The original provisional tram bridge, leading from Holešovice to district of Troja, built in 1977, was taken down three years later, because the district authorities ordered to let it repair. In disassembly of this structure the original pillars were left in the riverbed. They were properly reinforced and extended and then served as piers of the new bridge.

At first a bridge deck of separate single-line bridge was assembled. It was handed over for traffic after realization of static tests on 7th March 1981. Trams went in both directions there, however they went in turns on one rail. Regarding the requested riding frequency it was decided to realize one more identical bridge next to this existing bridging, laid on the same pillars. In time of construction of the second bridge, which was provided by Railway army, Prague inhabitants were saying that the city would have „bridge twins“.

Single structure parts of the bridge were always mounted together ashore and they were consequently pushed above the river and fitted into bearings on the pillars with use of heavy military equipment, including tank recovery vehicle. There were also assembled pavement panels, however they were solely used for service needs, and entry to the bridge was not permitted for the pedestrians. Finally, there was realized assembly of trolley-line columns, including the conductor itself. And then necessary static test came again; they were realized with tram wagons fully loaded with material. Result of the inspection was that bidirectional traffic was permitted on the date of 1st July 1982. Tram bridge from Holešovice to Troja with six bays is 250 m long.