After the Czech Brothers Congregation of the evangelic Church in Smichov became a parish in 1924 an essential decision was made to purchase a site in the north part of a park called Stanoska and to build a dignified sanctuary at No. 8. Doubkova Street. Even though the funds were insufficient, the congregation chose an unusual solution to this small problem; they issued lottery tickets for prizes.

The construction plan of the building, which included 2 assembly halls, offices and a boardroom, was prepared by K. Krizek. The construction itself was carried out later by vice-churchwarden Josef Svatak. The new sanctuary began saving souls on 28th September 1931.

An integral part of the property was a tower, which was supposed to draw attention and enhance the majesty of this building when compared to other properties in the surrounding area. To reach the top of this tower it is necessary to use the interior stairs, situated in the east part of the building. On the 4th floor there is an entrance to a large terrace facing south to the greenery of Stanoska Park. There is also an entrance to one of the living spaces on this terrace. In this case the space is utilized by a Children’s Centrum – A club called Doubek. Walking further along, the wooden stairs would lead you to the second terrace on the south side with a wonderful view over the Vltava basin and further to the east. From here you can access another terrace this time on north side of the building. After two more floors of wooden steps the entry to the actual tower appears. Here we can appreciate the frame structure of the pyramidal roof.