Today’s Czechoslovak Hussite Church which was founded on 25th July 1920, enriched the Prague Capital with several significant and interesting buildings, which are mostly of a functionalistic architectural style. Amongst these surely ranks the property of the Jan Hus Congregation in Smíchov Town, with its outstanding tower it alters the perspective of the considerably steep and frequented street of „U Santošky“.

This sanctuary at Na Václavce Street No. 1, in Smíchov was designed by the architects E. Sobotka and S. Vachta in 1933. The construction was done by the firm of Václav Nekvasil from Karlín in 1935 and it took only ten months. The predominant material used for the building was concrete.

The tall slim prismatic tower, which is located by the east side of the church, is also made of concrete. It has a floor-plan of 3.6m x 3.35m and is 21m high. The large tall windows on all sides of the tower are running through all floors and illuminate the tower’s interior. Only on the west side, where the tower touches the church’s vessel, does the light have less than half the intensity. On the top of the tower (yet before its extension) there is a gallery, which offers a spectacular view. Especially towards the east and north we can see as far as to the horizon.

The prismatic extension of the tower has an entry door to the gallery but above all it holds a symbol of Hussitism – a mighty goblet made of stone. The tower-clock is placed right under the gallery. The big clock faces are placed on all tower sides.