This extensive complex with two courtyards and with the church of St. Gabriel was built in 1888-1910 and is situated at the end of Kinského Gardens next to Holečkova Street in Smíchov. The design was prepared by the Order architects – P. Hildebrand and P. Gislenus Béthune.

The church as well as the monastery was built in a neo-Romanesque style. The construction was mostly financed from a donation of the Baroness Gabriela Sweert-Sporckova. The church was ceremoniously consecrated on 23rd April 1891. The press mentioned this event saying that “Prague gained another precious and magnificent pearl, which will become the pride and grace of Prague, even though it shines in Smíchov”. It is necessary to add that Smíchov was not a part of Prague at that time but only its suburb.

The main aisle of the church has eight “carpet” windows. The smaller side aisle is illuminated by two windows. The church does not have any ceiling or vaulting. The top of the aisle is formed only by the roof frame work. The church is decorated with art works of the Beuron Art Scholl, which together makes a unique piece of art. It is exactly the art for which the church is renowned.

The church also has a tower, which is 43m tall and has three floors. The tower features the little Romanesque windows as well as the large dual-windows on the top floor. We can see only a modest works of art in the form of curly friezes under the tower cornices. The roof of the tower is simple, pyramidal with four skylight windows and it is topped by the finial and the cross.