Area of the present Cuban Square in Vršovice was without name in the past. In the half of thirties in the last century construction of the tram electric line brought animation there. Vršovice got direct connection to Strašnice. Part of the line led along the five-metre high bank and among others through the present Cuban Square. The previous press stated that the new way from town hall in Vršovice to the school in Strašnice was 3 240 m long, while before it had been 5 800 m through Vinohradské Square and Flora. Travel time shortened from 24 minutes to mere 10 minutes. Traffic on the new line was started on 6th January 1935.

Only in 1961 the no-name area was named the Square of Cuban Revolution. It happened in memory of the revolution which broke out in 1953 and ended by the victory of revolutionaries, spearheaded by their leader Fidél Castro, in 1959. After change of political situation in our country, the name was changed. Since 1991 it has been the Cuban Square.

Surroundings of the square is built with block and semi-detached houses, partially built as soon as after 1956 according to design by arch. Karel Janů and Jan Petrák, on the northern side there is standing out the previous Communal house no. 1333 from the period of 1959-1961, work by arch. Jiří Siegel. Currently, the building is used for the purpose of hotel. The eastern part of the square is dominated by large administrative building of joint stock company SKANSKA CZ, built according to design by arch. Jaroslav Otruba in 1963.

On the eastern side of the square there is a large, well-kept and fenced children’s playground with standard equipment. The western side is modified with parks and there is also a water phenomenon. It is represented by a fountain, repaired in 2000.