The Basel Square in Žižkov was formed into the shape as we have known it today, in 1932. Then it got its name as well, which has never been changed. It is derived from the Swiss town of Basel, where the Church Council was held in 1431-1448, which accepted the four Prague articles (Basel Compacta) after hearing the Czech delegation, spearheaded by Prokop Holý.

The square, which basically has an incomplete circle plan, does not stand out among the other Prague squares. A very busy four-lane road, divided by a tram lane in the middle, is running through the square. There are standing apartment houses in the western part of the square, as well as in the north-eastern part, where there has been a corner restaurant placed in the floor for many years.

The south-eastern side of the Basel Square has not been occupied so far and there is a view of freight depot of Žižkov. It was built in several phases during 1929-1935, on part of land of the previous homestead Červený dvůr. After completion it transferred most of the freight railway traffic out of the Wilson Station. It was held as an example of a modern working facility. Within huge warehouse buildings there were established large cold stores, where the perishable goods were stored.

Nowadays, the freight depot is being abolished successively and an administrative, commercial and flat complex has been growing in its lands. Thus the Basel Square will get new neighbours. In the long-term prospect there should be an underground station of D route in the Basel Square.