The Square of George of Lobkowicz is situated along the Vinohradská Avenue, in an axis opposite to the main entrance into Olšanské cemeteries. Since its foundation until 1940 it was called the Square of George of Lobkowicz. It was named in the honoured of a Czech noble and a significant politician, George Christian, the Prince of Lobkowitz (1835-1908). Besides his parliament mandate he was the land marshal of Bohemian Kingdom in 1871-1872 and 1883-1907. During German occupation, it was called the Square of Lobkowitz. During 1951-1990 it was the Square of V. I. Čapajev, named after the fable Soviet commander from the period of civil war, who was killed in fights with the Cossacks. During the communist regime a Soviet film about his heroic acts was shown in cinema, which was obligatory for the school youth. Nowadays, the original name, the Square of George of Lobkowicz, is used.

The western and the eastern sides are built up with apartment houses. The southern side is formed by a large building of grammar school with flat roof, which was built during 1936-1938 according to designs by arch. Bohumil Kněžek and Josef Václavík. It is stated that it is one of the best buildings of Prague schools in the functionalist style. A glass entrance is mounted asymmetrically into the front. Classrooms are made lighter by huge windows. Behind the back section of the school there are newly reconstructed multipurpose playgrounds and inflatable hall.