The Russian orthodox church of the Deciese of God’s Mother is situated in the east part of Olšanské Cemetery beside the busy Želivská Street. The cemetery preserves the graves of those, who immigrated to the democratic Czechoslovak Republic to avoid the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. The Orthodox Church has a rectangular ground plan and its foundation stone was laid at the end of 1924. The construction of the church was completed in the following year so the Russians could have been buried according to their traditions. The singe-aisle sanctuary was designed by Arch. Vladimír Alexandrovich Brandt. The valuable works of art were done by painter and graphic designer Ivan Jakovlevitch Bilibin, his older son Alexander Ivanovich, painter K.M. Katkov and paintress N.G. Jashvil.

The ceremonial consecration of the church took place on 22nd November 1925 and it was carried out by metropolitan Yevlogiy with the assistance of the high clergy. One of the sermonizers was also a significant Czech politician and Russiafil Dr. Karel Kramář. He and his Russian wife had merit in this building construction. After their death Mr. and Mrs Kramář were buried in the church crypt.

The forefront of the building is adjusted with two massive supports, which are merging above the roof level into two little chapels, which are also housing the bells. The slim turret with onion dome is situated on the top of the gable and on the much more massive round tower and rises from the roof above the aisle. This tower is covered with a large onion dome with the cross on the top.