Since it foundation in 1910 the square has been bearing the name of Czech poet Svatopluk Čech (1846-1908). Undisputable dominant feature of the area is excellent modern architecture of Church of St. Wenceslas, including its high tower, work of Josef Gočár (1880-1945). Ceremony of laying the foundation stone, with attendance of numerous church and secular dignitaries, took place in 1929 within St. Wenceslas jubilee celebrations of millennium. At that time it was valid that St. Wenceslas had been murdered in Stará Boleslav in 929. Consecration of the church by Prague archbishop František Kordač happened on Sunday 21st September 1930.

In the beginning of the nineties in the previous century remarkable modification appeared in front of its main face. There were established new, architectonically modified stairs towards park, there was also newly repaired a through-traffic road, including change of the traffic rule.

Part of the square area, bounded with Moskevská, Tolstého and Slovinská Streets, used to be a cemetery until construction of the church. Substitute for this cancelled cemetery is cemetery on the top Bohdalec, nowadays. Development of apartment blocks in western and northern parts rose after World War II.

Corner house no. 262 in Slovinská Street, which is facing the square with its main front, is memorable because in 1913-1948 there used to be a world-famous Waldes Museum of buttons and dress-fastening devices. The public might have attended the museum, whose part was also a huge special library, free of charge. It issued its own magazine. Sculpture above the house portal by sculptor Čeněk Vosmík, an allegory representing science, has survived till now. Currently, there is an exhibition hall and a bookshop on the corner of the house. Area of the square is modified with parks. There are available two children’s playgrounds as well.