The square along the Vinohradská Street was founded in 1896. Since then till 1948 it bore the name of King George. Since 1948 it has been named the Square of George of Poděbrady. Czech King George of Poděbrady (1420-1471) was a skilful politician and diplomat. At first he had become the territorial bailiff and the royal throne belonged to him during 1458-1471. He stands out among the series of rulers with the fact that he was elected as a Czech king at the diet of Calixtin and Catholic estates in the Old Town Hall in Prague on 2nd March 1458.

The spacious area of the square is surrounded with apartment houses at all sides, mostly with shops or restaurants in the floor. There are also entrances into the hall of underground of A route – station of George of Poděbrady.

During 2001-2003 reconstruction of the park, which takes prevailing part of the square, was realized due to decision of representatives of Municipal district of Prague 3. The reconstruction was very demanding in technical and financial aspects. The exiting alley was cared and there was realized silvicultural and sanitation thinning. Automatic irrigation was installed as well and water phenomenon has not been omitted, either. The area was retiled as well.

Dominant feature of the square is one of the treasures of Prague sacral architecture, parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Its design was elaborated by south-Slovene architect Josip Plečnik (1872-1957), famous for his activities in the Prague Castle and Chateau in Lány. The church tower is 42 m high, based in the whole width of the building. In the wide tower walls there are glazed clocks with clock-faces of 7,6 m in diameter. The huge church nave with dimensions of 38 x 26 m has compartment ceiling 13 m high. Building realization underwent during 1929-1932.