The Square of Sladkovský in Žižkov lies along the Seifertova Street. Since foundation of the square it has borne the present name, after Czech politician and journalist Karel Sladkovský (1823-1880). The aforementioned was a consistent democrat, excellent speaker and he had already performed leading role when he was a student.

The square is dominated with parish church of St Prokop. The foundation stone was ceremoniously laid on 30th October 1898 on the occasion of fiftieth anniversary of reign of Emperor Frantz Joseph I. Design was made by arch. Josef Mocker, arch. František Mikš co-operated in construction as for the projects. The completed church was consecrated on 27th September 1903. Neo-gothic three-nave hall area is over 51 m long and it may contain approximately 2000 people. Its width is 17 m. The western front is dominated with massive four-side tower. It is possible to enter the church via two stairs with 21, or 24 steps, which are situated on northern and western sides. Above the northern entrance there is a richly decorated tympanum with relief of Madonna and the Christ-child, to whom the builder is giving a model of the church. It is stated that he has appearance of arch. Josef Mocker. Above the western entrance there is a sculpture of St Vojtěch, which symbolically invites the religious people to the church. The relief as well as the sculpture of St Vojtěch have been made by Josef Pekárek.

Another important building, a grammar school, in the Square of Sladkovský is situated behind the church. The school, which previously used to be a high school, is a historical matter of Žižkov. It started its operation in 1897.

On 5th September 1996 there was unveiled a memorial tablet to founder and promoter of Czech scouting, Antonín Benjamin Svojsík, on the building of the grammar school. He worked there in the previous high school during 1901-1914 and it was right there where he had established the first scouting club.