Not large Tachovské Square in Žižkov is situated opposite to Chlumova Street, in the point where Husitská Street ends and Koněvova Avenue starts. The original name of the square, which was valid from 1875 to 1958, was the Square of Žižka, after the famous Czech commander and politician, Jan Žižka of Trocnov (around 1360-1424). In 1958 it was renamed to Tachovské Square, which has been effective till now.

Tradition of Žižkov is reflected in both of the names. Names of most squares and streets in Žižkov are related to the era of Hussite movement, either to its prominent representatives or places related to this historical era. The Hussites fought one of their victorious battles at the town of Tachov, in the west of Czech country.

Another reminder of tradition of the ‘Žižkov Republic’, as the local patriots call this typical Prague district, maybe rather funny, is the fact that in such a small square there are two restaurants in the floors of houses in the north-western and north-eastern sides.

From the square there is an access to the hill of Vítkov and the local orchards via park road. This place, from where there are beautiful views of Prague, is a very popular place for short-term relax.

Another frequently used road leading from Tachovské Square is tunnel under Vítkov, which leads to Karlín. Welcome short-cut is about 300 m long, it is determined only for pedestrians; however it may be used by rescue or police vehicles in case of emergency. It was opened on 21st December 1953.