The Square of Komenský belongs among the oldest in Žižkov. It was founded before 1875, i.e. before Žižkov started to exist as a separate village by division of Royal Vinohrady. The territorial district, in which the Square of Komenský was built, was divided staggered-wise on eight blocks in the construction plans and it the centre there was projected a square. The surface was rough there and thus it was necessary to level out and adjust it with large load. Later on there was set out a park and the public mill with a pump was sunk there. The mill was abolished after 1883, because the district had been supplied from the reservoir in Vinohrady. Since the beginning the square along Roháčova Street, from which several roads are running, has been called the Square of Komenský. It is interesting that it has kept its name within the whole period till now. It was named in the honour of the bishop of Church of Brothers, teacher, scientist and writer, Jan Amos Komenský (1592-1670), who has been known with the nickname of „teacher of the peoples“.

The Square of Komenský became publicly known due to the fight to save the building of local school no. 400. It was built there in 1872-1873 and later on it was even added. On the front there was mounted a bust of Jan Amos Komenský. Downfall of the school started to be prepared in the seventies of the last century. In 1978 teachers and pupils had to leave the school because it started to be used as facilities for workers who had started to demolish old Žižkov. Then it should have been demolished as well. After fierce fight with the regime of that time, when the Club for Old Prague spearheaded many culture-thinking people, the school building was saved successfully. Nowadays, it has been used for its original purpose again.