The Square of Hollar was founded around 1925, however it had not had name for a long time. In 1955 it was named the Square of Hollar. Czech graphic artist Václav Hollar (1607-1677) undoubtedly belongs among the prominent representatives of graphic art in 17th century, as he had originally played an important role in development of the classical techniques of engraving and etching of copper with his work and he showed excellent graphic art performances. In 20’s of 17th century he left his native Prague, travelled around Germany and the Netherlands and finally he settled down in London. He returned to Prague for a short time, where he was preparing source materials for his famous View of Prague, which he created in 1649.

Boundaries of the square are defined by busy Vinohradská Street on the north, Šrobárova Street on the south and Street called U Vinohradského hřbitova on the east. The Square of Hollar neighbours with Vinohradský cemetery, which was established in 1885, through the last mentioned street. Since then it has been extended for three times and in the middle there is standing neo-gothic church of St Wenceslas with tomb arcades by arch. Antonín Turek.

The Square of Hollar is closed with a large building in neo-classicist style, with sloped roof and symmetrical front, nowadays the High School of Art of Václav Hollar, previously Vocation Ceramic School. The project was elaborated by arch. Viktorín Šulc and construction was realized during 1929-1930. The central salient of the wall is ended with a tympanum with the national coat of arms.