The Square of Kinský spreads on the boundary of the Lesser Town and Smíchov, behind the previous Újezd Gate. Until 1905 this area did not have a name. During 1905-1925 this area started to be called Pod Kinskou. The reason was that garden of Kinsky, founded in 1825, was spreading in the western neighbourhood of the square. In 1901 the garden was collectively bought by the towns of Prague and Smíchov and it was modified to a public park. During 1925-1940 the Square bore an official name of Štefánik, in the honour of Slovak politician, astronomer and the first Czechoslovak minister of militarism Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880-1919), who tragically died in a plane accident.

During German occupation the square was renamed to Albrecht’s Square, according to Austrian field marshal archduke Albrecht (1817-1895). The large barrack, whose monumental front turned into the square, was named in the same way. In the central bay there is an entrance portal. Top of the bay is dominated by cupola with clock and there are also sculptures by Vienna sculptor František Enders. The barrack was built in the nineties of 19th century. Its name was changed after World War II as well as the name of the square. In period between the World Wars it was barrack of Štefánik, after World War II it was barrack of Fučík. In the nineties of the last century the building was changed into Palace of Justice after huge building modifications.

In 1945-1951 the name of Štefánik was returned to the square. Then it was renamed to the Square of Soviet tankers. Furthermore, there was placed tank no. 23 on a high pedestal, which was said to be the first who had arrived in May 1945 to help fighting Prague. It began to obstruct after 1990, so it was painted in pink and then it was removed. Nowadays it is in a military museum in Lešany. Instead a fountain was settled in the square. And the name has changed to the Square of Kinský.