The oldest mention of village called Chuchle comes from 1132, however as late as in 13th century two villages of Chuchle, Malá and Velká appeared provably. Both of them belonged to the Prague bishopric and in the course of centuries they had mostly a common history. In 19th century Velká Chuchle belonged into Zbraslav district and in Zbraslav there also used to be a parish. Creation of Great Prague, being effective since 1st January 1922, resulted in joining Malá Chuchle to the capital. Velká Chuchle existed further as a separate village; it was joined to Prague on 1st January 1968. Since 1990 both of the parts have been forming a separate municipal district of Prague – Velká Chuchle.

The Square of Warriors of Chuchle is a previous village square. Around the square there has been still kept the original development of agricultural homesteads. There is a classicist small chapel from 19th century waged in between two previous homesteads in the western side. The tiny building of squared floor plan has a round window with small tower for one bell. Simple mobiliary consists of a holy picture, a cross and a flower.

In a small well-arranged park in the middle of the square there is standing a memorial – a granite monolith with national emblem plate. There is also an inscription memorial tablet of plate: „To the victims of resistance and revolution 1914/1918, 1939/1945.“ In the lower part of the memorial there is an earthenware flower box.

Another stone memorial to the victims of May Revolution 1945 is in Chuchle grove near the cemetery, where there is also a mass grave for 23 fighters. Eight of them were killed in the fight and 15 of them were shot to death. At night from 7th to 8th May the Germans invaded Velká Chuchle, a fight had burst, which did not take long time, as the rebels had not had any heavy weapons and thus they could not stand up to the fighting German units.