Dvorecké Square got its name after 1930 and it has not been changed till now. The previous settlement of Dvorce existed as early as in 13th century. The area was settled down quite soon as the close fortification of Vyšehrad offered safety in the wartime; the inhabitants could take refuge behind its walls. There was also an advantageous location near the river of Vltava, which provided watering and partial food supply in the form of fishing.

Soon two independent settlement rose there, which were close neighbours but developed separately, Podolí and Dvorce. Their joint occurred in 19th century. Despite number of population was still increasing, it did not became a town. Dvorce, which partially belonged to Podolí and its smaller part to Braník, was joined with Podolí in one cadastral village. When the act on creation of Great Prague became effective on 1st January 1922, its joint occurred. A year later it was included into the fifteenth administrative district with the name of Podolí.

The present Dvorecké Square, below Jeremiášova Street, recalls the previous settlement with its name. If there was not the identification plate, no-one would associate it with the term of square. It is surrounded with apartment houses and large part of it is taken by the thorough four-lane road, divided by a lawn belt in the middle.