Square Under Emmaus is one of the calm areas in the Prague centre. There are also benches, from which it is possible to observe the local dominant feature, memorial of Prague to its victorious sons. There can be also seen view upwards to Benedictine cloister and Church of the Virgin Mary, St. Jeroným and St Slavic patrons in Emmaus with its modern, 50 meters high pyramidal towers with gilded peaks according to design of architect F. M. Černý, as well as to ancient church of St Kosmas and Damián.

Professor sculptor Josef Mařatka (1874-1937) was charged with creation of memorial conceived as a memorial to people of Prague killed in World War I., memento of legionary resistance and of origin of the Czech Republic; professor Mařatka, pupil of Myslbek, is known for his fellowship in Parisian studio of August Rodin. He has created magnificent work, representing person of Republic in the monumental group memorial, who is decorating a victorious banner, which the coming representatives of the single legionary armies bring, with lime sprigs. The figures were three meters high. Inscriptions were parts of the memorial as well. For example in the front side of the monolith a couplet from poem Země by Viktor Dyk says: „If you leave me, I will not die. If you leave me, you will die!“

Ceremonial laying the foundation stone took place on 25th October 1928. No less ceremonial unveiling the memorial took place on 29th October 1932 with presence of Prague mayor JUDr. Karel Baxa. However, people of Prague had not admired the memorial for a long time; in 1940 it was, on the command of the Nazis, as a memento of our statehood, removed and destroyed.

The renewed memorial in its original form, including all inscriptions, a work of art by academy sculptor Kateřina Amortová, was unveiled on 28th October 1998. Also modifications of near surroundings have been made.