The Square of Tyl in Vinohrady stretches between the Square of I. P. Pavlov and the Peace Square. Since its beginning, perhaps in 1875, it was called Market place or Market Square. The market men and market women had their stalls there, where they offered groceries, fruits and vegetables, small living domestic animals and hand-made products. In the southern part of the square there used to stand the town scale. Its part, a small house, has been standing there till now, however it has different function. When the Market place in Vinohrady had been opened in June 1903, the councillors ordered everybody to move there. The market men had stayed there only for a week; they had their regular customers in the present Square of Tyl and so they returned to their favourite place. Only the forcible intervention of the town hall helped the change.

During 1895-1938 it was called the Square of Tyl. It occurred in the honour of Czech awakener, dramatist, actor and novelist, co-author of the Czech national anthem, Josef Kajetán Tyl (1808-1856). During 1938-1940 the square was named of Scheiner, after the mayor of Czech Sokol Association and long-time mayor of the parent association of Prague Sokol, dr. Josef Scheiner (1851-1932). During German occupation the name of Tyl was returned t the square, during 1945-1952 it was the Square of Scheiner again and then it has been the Square of Tyl until nowadays.

In the middle of the square there is a small well-kept park. In the floor of the buildings, which enclose the square, there are mostly shops with various goods. On the western side in the street frontage there is newly reconstructed Passage of Tyl, although smaller, but worthy colleague of the more famous ones in New Prague Town.

As for the traffic the Square of Tyl is accessible by underground, it is within easy reach form the station of I. P. Pavlov. And it is the same from the stations of several tram lines.