The Square of Ostrčil is in the territory of municipal district of Prague 2. It was established in 1900 and until 1947 it was called the Square of Přemysl, after the first Czech Count Přemysl, founder of the reigning Přemyslid dynasty. During 1947-1952 it was called the Square of Hašler, in the honour of the Czech actor and composer of favourite songs, which became widely popular in many cases, Karel Hašler (1879-1941). In song-writing during the German occupation he sported at the Nazis and situation in the protectorate. He had been arrested, deported into the concentration camp Mauthausen, where he died. In 1952 the square got the name of Ostrčil, after the composer, teacher and principal of the National Theatre in Prague, Otakar Ostrčil (1879-1935).

Northern boundary of the square is formed by the brook of Botič. In this place its stream can be seen for the last time, as it is completely canalized further until Výtoň, where it joins Vltava. The south-western border is defined by important railway line of so-called Connecting track between the station of Smíchov and the Central Station – of Wilson. It was opened on 15th August 1872. There is a pedestrian subway leading from the square under the line.

A big corner building of one of the Prague historic hotels, Union, dominates the square. It was built in 1906, so it is more than one hundred years old. In 1992 it was restituted and then it was reconstructed within a half-year.

As for the traffic, the Square of Ostrčil is serviced with a tram line, which has a stop of same name there.