Since its foundation in 1893 the square is named after the founder of the first Czech physical training association Sokol, established in Prague on 16th February 1862, Jindřich Fügner (1822-1865). The aforementioned was historically the first mayor of Prague Sokol and later a chief. Thanks to Fügner the members accepted using first-naming and title brother.

Unfortunately, nowadays the square has been clamped between two branches of North-south trunk road and it is full of noise and dust. Its area is veined with subway below the trunk road and connected roads including stairs. In the rest of the area there are green vegetation and several benches. Apartment blocks and hotels form the north and south sides. Front of the house no. 1807 attracts attention. There is a bust of Jindřich Fügner in a round alcove between the windows in the 1st floor. Higher, in an alcove as well, there are male and female figures.