An extraordinary urban initiative during building of new Prague has been the Sun Square. Its name has been derived not only from the fact that so-called Sun House is standing there, but also from the fact that the whole spacious area is open for the sunshine. Furthermore, the place is supported with the most reliable Prague public traffic means, an underground, B route – station of Hůrka.

Attractive dominant feature of the Sun Square is the building of town hall of the Municipal district of Prague 13. The foundation stone for the construction was laid on 1st June 2001. Many difficult building actions followed, but the final result was admirable. Atypical six-storied oval building according to the design by ing. arch. Miloš Haase from the company Spojprojekt, with glass tower extension, where also clock is, started to be used on 2nd June 2003. All offices of the municipal authority, which had been working in several places so far, are concentrated there.

Another extraordinary building in the Sun Square is the Community Centre of St Prokop. The foundation stone was laid on 25th December 1999. Submitter of the construction was the Roman-Catholic parish at the Church of St James the Elder – Prague – Stodůlky, by designer Jiran Kohout Architekti s.r.o. Realization of the building underwent from March 2000 to May 2001. Ceremonious consecration took place on 19th June 2001. Not only religious services and also concerts are performed there, but also many other cultural activities open to all citizens are held there.